Click to enlargeHands Free Ergonomic Head Mouse Control via Webcam!

What could be more ergonomic for your hands than not having to use them at all?! That's what Smyle Mouse hands-free head/face controlled mouse software is all about. Move your head to move your mouse pointer on the screen and smile to click. No hands, voice or mouse required! Smyle Mouse reads your head / face gestures via a standard webcam to provide smooth, precise and responsive mouse control. Smyle Mouse is patented and award-winning head/face controlled mouse software technology that allows you to control your computer (desktop, laptop, or tablet running Microsoft's Windows OS) via simple facial gestures. It is designed for users looking for an ergonomic computer mouse that would be easy on their hands, as well as users with pain, impairments or disabilities related to use of hands or arms, e.g. ALS, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, and other Neuro-Muscular disorders. Another great thing about Smyle Mouse software is that it works via a standard webcam. You can use the webcam that is part of your tablet or laptop. Or, you can use an inexpensive external webcam, such as Logitech C270. This means that no expensive 3D or infrared cameras are required. Further, the user is not required to wear anything on their head or face, such as head gear, glasses, caps, and not even reflective dots. No adaptive switches such as sip-and-puff and bite switches (so nothing to put or hold in the mouth), or head / foot/ knee switches are required either. Therefore, our solution is not only sanitary but also much convenient to the user. Smyle Mouse is very flexible and powerful. It caters to beginners as well as power users. It has 20+ settings that the user can tweak to make it work according to their preference, but it also comes with smart defaults settings so that beginners can hit the ground running. The user can be sitting 10 to 100 inches from their computer/webcam; now that's a huge range! Users can use multiple large monitors as well. For example, if you have average range of head motion, you can move your mouse pointer across three large (24") monitors set side by side. If you have restricted range of head motion, our mouse sensitivity settings as well as the Dwell ParkTM + Mouse StickinessTM (Patent Pending) concepts can help you achieve normal range of mouse motions. Smyle Mouse is very easy to use. There are only two basic rules - Smile to press a mouse button and move your head to move the mouse. Using those two simple rules you can pretty much do anything in a hands-free and voice-free fashion that normally requires using a mouse and hands. Use the Windows OS, Microsoft Office, browse the internet, play games, do artwork; use at home, work or school, indoors or even outdoors in the bright sun. You can be even controlling your TV and thermostat or playing mobile (Android) games on your PC by use of Smyle Mouse and a free Android emulator! And did we mention that Smyle Mouse is powered by your smile? Everyone has a distinct smile -- big or subtle, teeth visible or not, and so on. But no worries; it takes only about 10 seconds for Smyle Mouse to learn your smile. And if you do not like smiling, well, this may be a perfect excuse to start smiling! Smiling provides many health and mental benefits. However, if you cannot smile for a medical reason, we also provide dwell clicking.

  • Included Functions -- Head Pointer, Smile Clicker, Dwell Clicker, Adaptive Switch Emulator.
  • Completely hands-free - Yes.
  • Completely voice-free - Yes. (However, will also work alongside Speech Recognition software)
  • Rackmount ears come attached to UPS

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    Hands Free Ergonomic Head Mouse Control via Webcam!
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