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CST Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs let you enjoy maximum flexibility, control and efficiency. These trackballs coupled with Superior-X Button Control Software and optional external buttons give you the control and comfort that you need in today's world of complex applications and games.

CST Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs are available in Mechanical Optical and Laser L-Trac models. L-Trac models are available with or without a scroll wheel. See below for additional details and select your model in the dropdown menu below.

The included Superior-X Button Control Software Allows you to re-map mouse buttons to over 40 pre-defined actions as well as the ability to record mouse button macros (a series of keystrokes). All of these actions can be made application specific which allows users to use the mouse buttons differently in each application. Application specific settings are quite useful in games since they do not inherently support extended mouse buttons. In addition, repetitive actions can be accomplished with one click saving time and effort.

The large, high density ball and shape of the CST Switch Adapted Trackballs case act as a natural hand rest that mirrors the contour of the hand. Combined with the special Ambidextrous feature, they accommodate both right and left-handed users (without changing system settings) and hands of all sizes. No need to move your arm or rotate your wrist from side to side. You'll enjoy this trackball's ability to dynamically accelerate across the screen as you turn the ball faster! Using built-in dynamic motion enhancement, this miniature Trackball is engineered to give single-pixel control while still having the ability to move to the other side of the screen with a flick of the finger. Roll the ball faster and see the cursor speed across the screen, move the ball slowly and you get single pixel accuracy.

Two Optional External buttons can be added via a 3.5MM external jacks.

The external buttons disable the on-board buttons. With the external buttons plugged in the switch then can be moved to a location which the user finds better. With Superior-X button Control, these external buttons add great functionality. You can add buttons to your order using the drop down menu below or purchase them separately here.

Mechanical Optical Models

Do you need even better performance and reliability? Then you may want to check out the laser L-Trac model.
The Laser L-Trac is designed to minimize the effects of contamination build up and the resultant degradation of performance, this high performance laser trackball uses highly polished stainless steel rollers. Ruby ball sliders used in most optical trackballs, cause performance degradation when "gunk" builds up on them. This can be annoying when playing games on-line (or anytime). The "mirror polished" stainless steel rollers do not readily collect "gunk" and are easily cleared by spinning the ball rapidly. The Dupont Delrin bearings are embedded with teflon and internally coated with a lifetime lubricant making the feel of this trackball extremely smooth and it's reliability very robust. The stainless steel rollers are extremely tough and give a super smooth feel. Life testing indicates that this unit may outlive most users. The Laser L-Trac models can come with or without a middle scroll wheel.

Laser L-Trac Trackball

Trackball Features:
  • Drag Lock: lets you drag and drop without holding down a button.
  • Scroll feature allows effortless scrolling on web pages and large documents.
  • Dynamic gain feature allows you to accelerate the cursor exponentially as you roll the ball faster. Roll the ball slowly for single pixel accuracy.
  • Precision ground ball and mirror finished rollers: Deliver a "smooth as silk" feel and effortless control.
  • Native USB connection w/PS/2 adapter

Product Dimensions:
  • Width 3.75" (9.5cm)
  • Length 6.75" (17.1cm)
  • Height 1.75" (5cm)
  • Height w/ Ball 2.65ā€¯ (6.75cm)
  • Ball Size: 2.25"

Compatible with: Windows 98SE, ME, NT4 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or greater as well as MAC OS9 MAC OSX and all USB 1.1 HID 1.0 compatible operating systems such as Linux and Sun Solaris.

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Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs W/ Superior-X Button Control and Optional External Buttons
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