Click to enlargeQuadLife Sip-N-Puff Mouse, Gen 4

The QuadJoy 4 is quick to set up and easy to use! Simply hold the stick with your lips, and move the stick in any direction (360 degrees) to control your cursor. The configurable Sip & Puff system can be set to 2, 4, 8 or 12 gestures that can be assigned to cause any action The QuadJoy can run any program on any operating system without loading any sotfware.

  • Full mouse functionality: Mouse Left Click, Right Click, Wheel, Center Button, Button 4, Button 5
  • 3 modes of scrolling: Vertical, Horizontal, and Zoom
  • 2 settings profiles: Mouse 1 Mode and Mouse 2 Mode
  • Full Keyboard shortcuts and commands: copy, cut, paste, find undo
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity for 1 device: Android phone, tablet, or computer
  • Sleep Mode: saves power and avoids accidentally waking your device
  • 100% Plug & Play via USB.
  • Also supports Bluetooth connectivity to your computer, phone, or tablet (Android). The QuadJoy mouse will still need a cable to power it either USB or 8 pin DIN.
  • Improved movement accuracy and smoothness, with adjustable cursor speed.
  • Elimination of cursor drift and stick dead band problems.
  • 48 LED indicators for user convenience. They are dimmable for sensitive eyes.
  • All plastic components of the QuadJoy 4 are made of Polycarbonate plastic “bullet proof glass.”
  • Hardware Upgrade: Ability to connect up to 3 external switch inputs which can be set to activate any action. (Requires Wheelchair Jack Interface, or External Jack Interface)
  • Hardware Upgrade: Ability to power the QuadJoy from an electric wheel chair and connect via Bluetooth to avoid all wires.
  • (Requires theWheelchair Jack Interface)
  • Software Upgrade: Ability to operate as a gaming console in Joystick Mode.

  • Wired: USB or mini-DIN
  • Wireless: Maximum of 4 Bluetooth devices
  • Cursor Settings: allows for full-motion control
  • Gesture Settings:
  • Inactivity Settings: Sleep mode, Default target, Default mode
  • Sip & Puff Settings: pressure high and low thresholds
  • Scroll Settings: scroll rate, scroll hold time
  • Deadbands: Stick, Click, Pressure, Mouse

    *Images for clamps are at the top of the page*
    C-Clamp: This is the standard clamp. This clamp is intended to be used on a square edged surface up to 1 7/8-inch-thick with at least a 1 1/2-inch overhang. The Quick connect coupler has a rotational tolerance that can allow your mouse to have undesired movement. If it is possible, orient the stud on the clamp horizontally so when connected to the Arm the problem is eliminated.
    Pipe Clamp: This clamp is better suited to attach to an irregular table edge or a pipe. The flexible dual stud couplers can be rotated to accommodate efficient use of the available arm length. The natural rotational tolerance of the quick connect coupler can be positioned to prevent the undesired slop.
    Table Clamp w/ Turret:Same clamp as C-CLAMP with a rotating head that can be adjusted to any position, with dual studs making it easier to orient the arm to eliminate the tolerance issue.

    Part# QD-M4

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    QuadLife Sip-N-Puff Mouse, Gen 4
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