Click to enlargeSwift Body Platform Harness for Laptops and Tablets

A computer mounted body harness utilized for personalized, hands free, self carry for notebooks, laptops and tablets.

Will fit most devices 8"-11.15" Deep, 10"-17.50" Wide, 1 1/2" High

Light weight nylon straps, plastic, foam padding and alloy composites.

Worn for many professional facets to include, but not limited to.

  • Public safety/Law Enforcement
  • Fire personnel
  • Medical personnel
  • Sports/athletics
  • MHVAC/field professionals
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Professional entities utilizing computer products in daily field operations

The (SBPLH) Swift Body Platform Harness was designed to assist professionals with a hands free, chest mounted system for Toughbooks, laptops and tablets. Many facets of field work stem around computer assisted activities, however no technology existed for a hands free body harness to hold such systems for professionals in the field. The Swift Body Harness does just that.

A light weight, chest/upper torso harness designed to protect and provide unlimited agility to your computer products; that is the (SBPLH) Swift Body Harness.; designed with the future/forward thinking in mind.

The Swift Body Platform Harness is designed with Ergonomics in mind. A body in motion, tends to stay in motion….The Swift Body Harness can do just that. The harness can hold numerous styles of computer systems as well as tablets. Designed to be carried on the upper torso of the body, for balanced weight distribution, wearer comfort, with simplistic design for easy and swift on and off applications. The harness is manufactured with lightweight materials, keeping overall weight to a minimum. The harness is designed for a “one size fits all” body design.

Closed/Mobility Position:
The harness is designed to carry a tablet, computer or equivalent product on the chest in the closed or open/work position. In the closed position, the computer or tablet lid is in the closed position, pivoted up toward the chest while positioned and secured in the base frame with three points of velcro closure across the bottom of the lower harness frame and two additional elastic corner closures in the front of the harness base. A final, large Velcro closure on the base frame secures the system in final position to the chest of the wearer. This position secures the computer or tablet securely to the body/chest for a hands free, mobile design. In the closed/secure position, the wearer is easily able to walk, run, climb, bend forward or back, lay flat, kneel, crouch and or sit comfortably.

Open/Work Position:
The open or work position ensures a functional, safe, comfortable working platform for the operator. To open the harness, simply unstrap the front velcro closure holding the computer or tablet against the chest, fold down the platform into the horizontal/flat/open position and open the lid on the computer and begin to work. The harness base is supporting the computer or tablet in the down or open position so the wearer can view the key board and screen easily from a standing, sitting or kneeing position. To transfer from the open/working position to the closed position; simple close the computer lid, pivot the computer to the closed or chest position and quickly apply the velcro closure to the bottom of the base and the harness is secured once again.

The harness base is comprised of a composite “L” frame within the soft, washable harness material. With such a design, the computer pivots open and closed on the “L” frame pivot point on the lower frame for a ridged, light weight supported frame to support your expensive equipment. The computer or table is applied to the base frame by two elastic corner points, designed with any size system thickness in mind, with a velcro strap covering across the inner computer or table lid, which secures itself to the opposite end of the frame. Two velcro closures on the opposite corners of the computer or table, ensure a snug fit on all four corners with easy access to all external components ports whether on or off the body. All aspects of the harness and base carrier keep weight to a minimum. The harness protects your assets with a versatile, lightweight, functional and supportive body system for many facets of the professional environment.

Computer System/Tablet Removal:
Peel open the large base velcro, lower the computer or tablet to the work position. Lift the lid on the computer, peel back the inner computer velcro strap and lift the computer out and away from the elastic corner straps on the frame corners. Your computer or tablet is now free of the harness.

Computer Attachment:
Peel open the large base velcro, lowering the harness base to the work or open position. Lay your tablet or computer into the work base, securing the front two corners of your system into the elastic corner positions on the front of the base. Lift the lid on your computer, drawing the velcro strap across the inner length of the compute, under the lid and secure the velcro to the opposite end of the base. Ensure the rear two final corners are secured with the velcro on the last two corners of the base, securely locking the computer or table to the harness base.

The harness is available in a vast array of colors for professional needs, is fully washable and will not rust. Made from Denier Coated Cordura Nylon Fabric, plastic composites and Velcro.

To properly wear the harness the following steps need to be completed:

1. Hold the harness with both hands supporting the shoulder straps in the upright or as worn on the upper body position for quick acquisition. (Computer base facing away)

2. Place your left arm out and under the left should strap, placing your head in the center of the harness and lower the harness padded shoulder straps onto your shoulders supporting the weight of your computer system on your shoulders. (Adjust the shoulder straps as needed with the adjusting clasps attached)

3. Wrap the waist support strap around your waist and utilizing the male and female clasps, secure the waist strap around your waist line. (Adjust the waist strap as needed.)

To remove the harness from the body, unclasp the waist buckle and simple lift the harness over your head and off your shoulders.

**Two waist sizes available 28-34" and 34-44".**

** Available colors Sand and light Green.**


Coyote Tan

I don’t write gear reviews often, but this thing is special…After years of playing ‘octopus’ while slinging a shoulder satchel and juggling an iPad, apple pen, and light meter during security assessments, I recently found a very cool piece of gear. It’s called the SWIFT Body Platform Harness from Ergoguys.

It looks like a ballistic plate carrier when closed, but expands open with a locking platform for holding an iPad or laptop. Unlike similar products I looked at previously, this thing is ergonomically designed for all day wear and allows completely hands-free operation when walking or typing. By attaching velcro to the back of an iPad case, the case attaches to the platform securely and can be pulled free for taking photos.

After using it for a few long days on an assessment in Tennessee last week, I am absolutely in love with this thing!

If you spend a lot of time doing field assessments, do your forearm a favor and check it out. Best $200 you’ll ever spend:

Craig S. Clearwater, FL

** Made in the USA:**

Will fit most devices 8"-11.15" Deep, 10"-17.50" Wide, 1 1/2" High

Part #
SBPLH- Color Sand

For assembly instructions email

**Waist-28-34 not available at this time**
**Coyote Tan not available at this time**

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Swift Body Platform Harness for Laptops and Tablets
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